Life in the Dark

Life in the Dark
2pm Wednesday txt msg ‘Jesus its wild trampoline secured, electricity gone take care coming home X’ and so it began, six days with no power. At first its lovely with candles all over the house. Thankfully we have a gas hob on our electric cooker and a stove in the kitchen/dining room a fire in the sitting room and lots and lots of candles, so as long as you didn’t stray too far from the kitchen we had heat and food and candlelight. The  kids are old enough to entertain themselves and I arrived home to a kitchen table resembling Hamleys toy store with all manner of games. Not the games that need ipads,ipods, laptops,wifi…. but board games. It brought back memories of being a kid. Now the names have changed, its no longer kerplunk,snakes and ladders….. they are now called Ratuki and Kerfuffle…. but the family fun never dates. So we settled in to this new strange life of never leaving the room without a candle or a torch. The big hole in my life was having  no radio. I prefer it to TV and would listen to it day and night. There is an old battered one somewhere in the polytunnel but there were few volunteers to go and look and I vaguely remember it was left out in a torrential downpour a few weeks back and as far as I recall it’s not waterproof! So we were radio less with no way of knowing news or how storm Darwin was going. Thanks to Aldi or Lidl my darling wife got a little radio the next day so at least we were able to have some news and music. The next problem was alarms for the mornings. Thankfully I have some defective gene that makes me wake up about 5.30 every day Summer or Winter so I wasn’t too bad but the rest of the family would happily sleep until the power was restored! But we all managed to get up for work and school each day probably because the house was fecking freezing every morning. On the way to work the morning after the storm news reports estimated 250 ,000 homes without power which was 249,999 plus us. In fairness the ESB were working through some terrible weather to restore power and on Friday a second storm swept  across the country hampering their efforts. We had high hopes of being back on line after a day or so but no such luck. One day became two then three… my son and heir who I thought would need counselling if WiFi wasn’t restored  soon said ‘… it was like being in an episode of lost….I’m not sure he has ever seen an episode of Lost but I knew what he meant. In the country when your power goes you don’t only loose light and heat but also water as the pump wont work so you are rightly snookered. My biggest concern was the deep freezer where the surplus Bronze Turkeys from our plot were resting among the other usual stuff but with a couple of bags of vac packed ice from work everything stayed rock hard right through all we lost was icecream.
Cooking consisted of plenty of one pot meals that were delicious and our usual Sunday grill was a less healthy option of an old traditional fry. Just like the old days we all pulled together in our ‘estate’ as one oul fella from the local pub called it. Three houses together in the country constitutes an ‘estate’ !!! One house had a generator so we could get water and the kids could charge up a laptop to watch a movie and as we had gas our other neighbour was able to cook and boil water so we had most of the basics. Speaking of water, washing and shaving in a sink of hot water from the kettle was not ideal but needs must. After about four days the novelty was wearing fairly thin and we had been told by the ESB that we would be back on soon but no sign.
On day 6 I transported about 70-80 ltrs of water from the neighbours up into the tank in the attic and as I was pouring in the last 5lt bottle I thought to myself it would be just typical if the power came back on…
Myself and my darling wife went out for a run as we are training for the 10k in Waterford later in the year and met another neighbour who told us that his power had just come back on. We skipped home even though our run was finished and happy days we were reconnected. First thing was to check all the trip switches and put the water on for what was by far the best shower I have ever had!!! Normality was restored.


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