Random #Tweets from #decsplot

Random Tweets from #decsplot my little patch of earth where I spend a lot if my free time digging, planting, weeding,sweating,aching,getting sunburnt,getting wet,being peaceful,proud,annoyed,frustrated but mostly really really happy!
Decsplot is about 60 ft by 30 ft (work out the mtrs yourself all you young wans) heavy clay soil which has had 5 years of digging,manuring and even two pigs on it for 7 months who did both digging and manuring for free, filled our bellies and the freezer! It has polytunnel that supplies tomatoes,herbs,grapes,strawberries,salads and shelter from the Irish weather. In the main plot I grow spuds,onions,garlic,carrots,kale,cabbage,turnips,peas,beans,parsnips……and other stuff. Jeez when you sit down and write all the produce you grow you realise how much work is involved.
At the end there is two poultry runs with houses. One is let grow wild all year until September when I get 10/12 bronze turkeys and fatten them for Christmas. My darling wife thinks the whole plot is wild but I’m convinced that to my highly trained eye it looks exactly like Monty Don’s Gardeners World plot!!! I doubt we will ever agree!!!. The other one has had all shapes and makes of ducks and hens over the years supplying eggs and some meat.
The buzz word at the moment in ‘Mindfulness’. Living in the moment and blocking out the past,meditating and generally aiding your mental health (this is my impression of it anyway) and #decsplot is my Mindfulness…….

Fabulous Fiery Sunrise! RT @DecGilmore: Flaming bush #sunrise in #sunnysoutheast #Spring??? #decsplot http://t.co/N7V9HGtx5T
Plenty of help from the #chooks #decsplot #Spring #GIY http://t.co/f4q0f6H0aQ
Blackthorn blossoms #decsplot #Spring #sunnysoutheast http://t.co/FdYypskOFc
@mickkellygrows spuds planted 10/2 in the #polytunnel #decsplot GIY http://t.co/zT5Pwgv0z7
@UluruArmagh Home grown new season #rhubarb and apple crumble #sundaycookoff #decsplot #GIY #growyourown http://t.co/Q4P14R90Pk
Tee hee! RT @DecGilmore: ‘AHHH so that’s where all our hard work ends up’ #decsplot #GIY #happyhens http://t.co/g3tLGMTHqG
‘Moooooommmm we got a visitor!’ #littleprincess #decsplot #Rearyourown http://t.co/7GSl7Iy56u
It’s all systems grow! in the polytunnel #decsplot #GIY #growyourown http://t.co/1TByBVmUQj
Cool new #camouflage hat Now you see me Now you don’t!!! #decsplot http://t.co/t5eZxROQlb
Well @DecGilmore made this boned and rolled bronze turkey (from #decsplot),roasted veg and broccoli #sundaycookoff http://t.co/Kzx1Q9cG9T
😀 RT @DecGilmore: ‘…All by myself…’ #decsplot #sunnysoutheast http://t.co/Y4vU3bxt5r


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