Ring of Kerry Part 2

Now all I had to do was cycle 180k in one day!!! Don’t tell anyone but before I’d even registered I had booked a room half way round. My plan was to do the route in two days (not encouraged by the ROK organisers) but as it was my first serious/long cycle I thought this was a good bloody idea. In fact I had booked half way round but had not booked anywhere in Killarney to stay on the Friday night!. When I did try of course there wasn’t a phone box free and not only is the ROK on that weekend but the Munster football final is on aswell. I finally found a campsite in Fossa (5k outside Killarney) and as I usually do I threw in a joke saying I would need a nice soft mossy pitch for my poor body was going to be put through hell the next day to which the owner in a thick Kerry accent said ‘ you might well be in the car park boy..!’. I booked it anyway and persuaded my darling wife to come along for the spin(drive) I told her there was an outlet shopping centre in Fossa (Shhh!)
My first few cycles were of various lengths from 10 to 20km and I was happy every time I went a little further. Chatting to our local garage owner one day (who has also signed up for the ROK) he persuaded me, by basically embarrassing me, to do the whole thing in one day!
Obviously poncing around with 20k cycles was not going to be anywhere near enough so it was time to ‘piss or get off the pot!’. It was not actually as hard as I had feared and soon enough I was doing 40,50,60,70 and even 80km and averaging 20-21km/h (not bad for an Aul lad). My longest cycle was 100km from home to Gorey and all the way back into a very strong head wind which was feckn tough.
My route varies around the country roads of Co Wexford with stunning scenery and sea views. My favorite spins always include going along the coast through Kilmore. I also tackle Forth Mountain (not really a mountain but that’s what its called and who am I to argue). It’s amazing to see the progress of the seasons over the past few months from the first spring lambs, foals to crops maturing and all sorts of other wildlife. I’ve seen all the usual rabbits,hares,pheasants,hawks and a first for me a stoat carrying its young in its mouth which I know(from experience) can remove the head of a chicken better than any surgeon with a scalpel.
I had planned to do another 100+km cycle and while out one day spotted a sign for a cycle ‘La Route del Murrintowneo’!!!. Which is a 100km cycle from Murrintown to Hook Head and back so off I go to register……..


One thought on “Ring of Kerry Part 2

  1. Well done you! I cycled from Blackwater to Rosslare and back again once when I was younger (to see a boy, of course) and it took me days to recover! 100 km is not bad for an Aul lad, indeed!

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