The Wedding and Passport

                                                             The Wedding and Passport

 Normally my Blogs are about food, catching, killing, preparing, cooking and enjoying it but this one is a bit different. It is about the Wedding and the Passport!

Late last year my little brother informed us that he was getting married in January. A bit of a rush job but not for the usual Irish ‘shotgun’ reason he was changing jobs and January was the only opportunity. The wheels were put in motion and the ‘Low Fare’ airlines cheap seats were booked. As I had spent several years in a previous life as a Wedding Photographer I offered my services to the happy couple and was hired. All was well days off booked, jacket adjusted (I’d lost a few stone since last wearing it) cameras checked, cards cleared and after the usual trying on of uncountable shoes and dresses even the Missus was happy. The night before the flight I arrived home to a bit of a bombshell as in my Passport was 9 days out of date!!! and as the now ‘cuddly customer friendly’ airline ONLY accepts VALID Passports we had a problem. After several hours of searching the net for boats, planes, trains, horse and carts, bicycles……. I had to ring the little brother and give him the bad news.. ‘I don’t think I’m going to make the Wedding’ but inside I was in turmoil as I didn’t want to let him and his new bride down with the photos. I doubt that there would be too many Wedding photographers (of my high standards!!!) available at a days notice in London.

There was nothing for it but to head to the airport the following day and try my luck. I would like to state that I am mostly a very law abiding citizen…. although I think I may have inadvertently done 72 kph in a 70 kph once!!! but I had no choice. So after a broken nights sleep we headed north to the airport and with all sorts of pleading, begging, threatening and crying plans B, C, D, E and F in my head we only needed plan A! Like two criminals we studied the two checkers at the gate settling for the more smiley chatty one and as I held the cases my now compliant accomplice handed the boarding passes and passports over with a ‘How’s it Going…How’s things’… we sailed through! The text was sent ‘On the flight Wedding Back On!!!’ and gratefully received on the ‘Mainland’.

The next few days were fantastic and even the photos were pretty good!

The way back was just as easy even though the stern faced checker asked me to move my thumb from the expiry date (still out of date by the way!) she didn’t notice and we boarded another plane. After arriving ahead of schedule ‘Doodododododooooo’ hopefully that won’t give away the name of the ‘Low Fares Airline’ the Gardai Passport control waved me through. To and from the mainland with a non Valid passport who would have thought it possible……..     


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