Dublin Gospel Choir

It was probably 10 years ago now when I was a freelance photographer working for the Bray People in Co Wicklow. I would call in or phone the paper to get markings (photo jobs) for that day or the weekend. One Saturday night I was asked to do some pics at the Holy Redeemer Church in Bray of a Gospel Choir. I probably had 5/6 markings that night and my initial reaction was …..’ for feck sake a Gospel choir…..’ . As I had a few jobs to do I arrived early with the intention of taking a few quick pics and off to the next job. I took a couple of the usual social pics like ‘Johnny and Mary from Bray pictured enjoying the Dublin Gospel Choir’ and decided to stay to get ONE pic of the Choir in action. The Choir arrived on stage and the conductor said ‘We don’t like doing concerts where people are sitting so If you want us to sing you’ve got to get up and dance!’ and after a few songs the shy Irish audience were rocking in the isles. They started with a song from the film ‘Sister Act’ called Oh Happy Days and that was that…..! I was amazed and captivated by the DGC (as they refer to themselves) and stayed for the whole concert taking a load of pics that I knew would not all make the Bray People even though I missed all my other markings that evening! I put my phone on silent but it was buzzing away in my pocket to the beat and by the end if the night I had about 15 missed calls! The DGC were worth every irate message I received. At the end of their concert I was approached by the conductor and was asked if I could send on a few shots of the night, which I happily did and got a call to ask if they could use a picture on their (I think first) album. I was delighted to help and asked for a copy of their CD in return and the love story with the DGC began. I’ve seen them several times including in Vicar Street where they were supposed to be ‘supporting’ the World famous Harlem Gospel Choir but in my humble opinion they stole the show and they have gone from strength to strength mainly due to my photo on their CD!!! So if you get a chance to see/hear the DCG – GO!


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